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Thermage effect

2022-01-17 14:48:40

          Thermage can achieve significant lifting, firming, and wrinkle-removing effects with one treatment, and the effects can last for years. It can be said to be an age-reducing artifact. The third-generation Thermage Firming can be applied to the entire face, such as the forehead, eyes, nasolabial folds, chin, chin, and cheeks, and even the trunk of the body, such as arms, abdomen, etc. It is important to relax the above parts. to the crowd. It is suitable for people who have the needs of whole body anti-aging, lifting eyebrows and eyes to remove eye bags and fine lines, firming skin, improving skin condition and eliminating acne scars.


          Features of Thermage Wrinkle Removal: One treatment, continuous effect. The Super Thermage is aimed at beauty lovers aged 25-65, and can achieve the triple effect of smoothing, firming and lifting with only one treatment. The peak period of treatment is about 6 months, and the long-term effect is maintained for more than 5 years.


          Suggestion: Equipped with a patented cooling system, the thermal effect is only generated inside the tissue, and does not cause trauma to the superficial skin. The patented treatment handle vibrates, greatly reducing pain, without the risk of anesthesia, non-invasively smoothing and tightening the skin, without any side effects.



          For the dermis, it belongs to the middle cortex, and the middle cortex also includes the subcutaneous fascia layer, the SMAS layer, but even the latest fifth-generation Thermage has a depth of only about 4.3mm at most, so it mainly acts on the dermis layer. .


          For the side effects caused by Thermage, it is recommended to use Xinjiyin cortex repairing agent after surgery. It is a nano-collagen, which can penetrate into the dermis that small molecular collagen cannot penetrate to repair the damaged dermis and quickly penetrate into the dermis. The bottom of the muscle heals wounds, effectively preventing cell proliferation and mutation, preventing scars, and super repairing damaged cells and tissues.


          Thermage taboo crowd


          1.Female surnames during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation are not suitable for Thermage.


          2.People who suffer from muscle weakness and extensor system diseases should use it with caution or disable it.


          3.People over 60 years old with aging skin.


          4.Patients with heart disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism are not suitable for Thermage.


          5.People with too much fat under the skin are not suitable for Thermage.


          6.It is not recommended for patients with facial immune system problems and lymphatic edema, inflammation and abnormal immune function at the operation site.


          7.Those who have injected botulinum toxin within one month. People who have filled with hyaluronic acid within half a year.


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