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The role of picoseconds

2022-07-18 14:02:48

          Cosmetic picosecond means the use of picosecond laser to achieve cosmetic effects. Picosecond laser is a relatively advanced laser. Picosecond is a time unit, indicating that the time is very short. Laser beauty mainly uses a certain energy beam to hit the skin. Damaged pigment cells in the dermis. However, the laser does not continuously emit energy beams to the dermis layer. There will be an interval between different energy beams hitting the dermis layer of the skin. The unit of this time interval is picoseconds, indicating that the time interval is very short, and a short time interval can make The high-energy laser beam hits the pigment cells of the skin, and the pigment cells are quickly damaged in a short period of time. At the same time, the relatively high energy in a short period of time can effectively damage the pigment cells, and the damage to the normal tissue is relatively small, so it is the biggest advantage of the picosecond laser. And so on the beauty of the effect.

          1.Principle of picosecond laser


          Pimiao is actually the abbreviation of Pimiao Laser, which can whiten the skin, remove wrinkles, and remove freckles. Pico laser is widely used in dermatology, and the safety factor is higher than traditional laser. The point of action is relatively clear, as long as half of the energy is used to achieve the purpose of treatment. Less trauma to the skin, the skin is not prone to redness, swelling, injury, and blackening after treatment.


          2.The effect of picosecond laser

          A cosmetic picosecond refers to a cosmetic program that improves various skin problems. After the skin has pigmentation and various spot problems, it can be improved by the picosecond method. It mainly reaches the skin directly through a kind of heat, which can achieve the effect of decomposing melanin particles, and can also improve acne or acne marks. and other symptoms, while also treating scars. Use a parasol when going out after treatment.


          To sum up, picoseconds in beauty salons usually refer to laser beauty programs. The principle of light waves emitted by picoseconds can reach the depths of the skin, which is conducive to destroying the pigment and color of the surface and deep layers of the skin, so that it can be circulated and discharged with its own body fluids, making the skin whiter and smoother, and improving the local dull skin tone. and dark yellow symptoms. Always keep your face moisturized and sunscreen to prevent hyperpigmentation.


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