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The principle and effect of DPL to remove red blood

2022-06-16 15:47:46

          As a common medical beauty program to remove redness, photorejuvenation has an ideal therapeutic effect, and it has also been recognized by many beauty-loving ladies.


          Photon rejuvenation is a broad-spectrum light that acts on melanin and hemoglobin, which can not only improve skin sensitivity problems caused by redness, but also improve dull skin, freckles, and enlarged pores. Through biophotothermal action, photorejuvenation can stimulate the regrowth and arrangement of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, restore skin elasticity, and improve the texture of facial skin as a whole.


          Photorejuvenation has a certain effect in the treatment of red blood cells. Red blood cells appear because the skin capillaries are too rich in cold and heat or mental stimulation. It is better not to expose to the sun and take too stimulating drinks and food in life.


          At present, the best way to treat red blood cells is laser therapy, which is loved by everyone because of its obvious effect, safety and speed. Because everyone’s system is different, there are also great individual differences in the number and time required for laser removal of red blood cells. In addition, each patient’s condition is mild or severe, so the number of treatments specific to each individual will vary. different. Generally, patients with lighter red blood cells only need 1-2 times, while for severe cases, laser removal of red blood cells needs 4-5 times, or even longer time to be completely eliminated.


          The biggest advantage of photorejuvenation is that it has a wide range of treatments, does not need to break the skin, and has high safety.


          For red blood cells, photorejuvenation may only slightly improve after a single treatment, and it is necessary to adhere to a course of treatment, that is, 3-5 times to see more obvious results. However, because of different skin conditions, skin problems, different physiques, and different body reactions, the improvement situation is not the same.


          Photon rejuvenation is generally 3-5 months as a course of treatment, once a month, and later can be converted into daily maintenance once every 3 months.


          In addition, the effect of photorejuvenation to remove redness also depends on the doctor’s technology. Because the parameters of photorejuvenation can be adjusted and the degree of freedom is relatively large, it is very test of the doctor’s technology. If you meet a skilled doctor, the effect of removing red blood is naturally much better than that made by other doctors.

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