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The difference between RF microneedling and fractional laser treatment

2022-03-22 10:08:34

        Acne is something that almost everyone has to experience. Some people leave unsightly acne pits on their faces due to improper care. Gold microneedling and fractional laser can treat acne pits. What about gold microneedling and fractional laser? What to choose?

1、Gold microneedling | Gold microneedling or fractional laser acne treatment which effect is better


        Gold microneedling is a combination of mechanical microneedle + radio frequency heat energy + transdermal feeding. The gold needles apply radio frequency heat energy to the subcutaneous dermis to stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, and introduce different repair essences according to skin problems. , Treat acne pits, acne marks and other problems from the source, without heating the epidermis, no thermal damage will be formed, only tiny pores, no scabs, only slight redness and swelling, which can be subsided in 2-3 days, without affecting work and life.


2、The working principle and characteristics of fractional laser


        Fractional lasers are divided into ablative fractional lasers and non-ablative fractional lasers.


Features of ablative fractional lasers


        Peel off the epidermis by gasification, stimulate the regeneration of collagen, and achieve the purpose of smoothing the acne pits. The pain is intense, the trauma is large, and the treatment area is scabbed over a large area, which is prone to pigmentation, and the recovery time is relatively long.


Non-ablative fractional laser features are


        The epidermis is not destroyed, and heat energy is applied to the dermis layer to smooth the acne pits by stimulating collagen regeneration and reorganization. The advantage is that it does not peel off the scab and does not require a recovery period. laser.


        To sum up: Gold microneedling is more efficient and safer to treat acne pits.


3、Gold Micro-Needling | How many times do I need to treat acne pits with gold micro-needling?


        Depending on the severity of individual acne pits, the duration of treatment varies. Mild acne pits generally see obvious improvement after 1-2 treatments; more serious acne pits require 4-6 treatments to see obvious results. However, no matter how many times of treatment, you must go through a doctor’s face-to-face consultation and examination, and determine a specific treatment plan based on the laws of metabolism and recovery, in order to treat acne pits.


4、Gold micro-needling | Precautions after gold micro-needling to remove acne pits


①Apply cold compress in time after treatment, and do not touch water on the day of treatment;


②Wash your face with water within a week and apply moisturizing repair products;


③Do not use irritating cosmetics such as fruit acid and alcohol within a week;


④Avoid going to high temperature places within a week, such as sauna, steaming, etc.;


⑤Strictly do a good job of moisturizing and sun protection;


⑥Light diet, regular work and rest.


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