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The development trend of the beauty industry in the next three to five years

2023-05-12 17:25:45

          Beauty salons are now not short of products, not short of equipment. In the current market economy where supply exceeds demand, it is impossible for any industry to remain unchanged without change. As a relatively new industry, the beauty industry has indeed come to a period of transformation and upgrading with the development of the past few years.


          Of course, transformation and upgrading does not mean that the business is getting worse and worse. Having a plan, thinking, good management, understanding of marketing, hospitality, and reputation is the most powerful weapon to accumulate resources and defeat opponents.


          The development trend of the beauty industry in the next 3-5 years

          1.Stores will become more and more subdivided, and it will become more and more difficult to do all kinds of stores for facials and health care. In the future, there will be more small and refined professional points.


          2.Products tend to be functional. If your product can only achieve hydration and moisturization without obvious improvement, it will eventually fail to retain customers.


          3.Expansion customers will become normalized. No matter how good stores are, they must continue to do the work of drainage, because now 95% of customers will not take the initiative to come to the door.


          4.Product price transparency The era of selling the same item to different customers at different prices has passed. It is recommended that everyone must clearly state the actual price.


          5.It is the boss’s personal branding. The previous video also talked about the importance of the boss’s personal IP branding. The boss is the best brand in the store, so some customers’ recognition of the store is the recognition of people, so the boss must Take the initiative to reach out to your customers to create stickiness with them.


          6.The advent of the era of big data can also be better used in the beauty industry. Through the collection and analysis of big data, we can help our stores to achieve customer management.


          7.When customers encounter problems in the process of consumption, operators can also formulate reasonable solutions with reference to the results of big data analysis. Knowing more about customers and analyzing their consumption preferences can be targeted to communicate and exchange, which is very helpful to increase the sales of beauty salon products.


          8.In general, the future development trend of the beauty industry is relatively objective. The future trend of the beauty industry has been shown in front of you. I believe you know better than me what choice to make!

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