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RF microneeses V-NICE skin Tightening

2021-12-02 17:13:54

          Believe that a lot of people feel flabby skin, without flexibility, and slightly small fine lines, it is oneself maintain undeserved cause all kinds of skin problems, want to restore the skin vitality, massage using mask by myself at home alone is not enough, now there’s a rf micro needle instrument is V, the effect of firming skin was very good.


          So let’s learn about what is V-nice?


          V-nice gold radiofrequency microneedle are specially designed for acne scars, acne skin, stretch marks, pores, hair folliculitis, uneven skin tone and other skin problems. The gold RADIofrequency microneet combines the minimally invasive and radiofrequency functions of the microneet, utilizing the radiofrequency probe technology of the microneet with adjustable different depths. When the microneet in the probe penetrates into the skin, it simultaneously releases radiofrequency energy. This heat is only released at the bottom tip without heating the epidermis, so it can safely, accurately, uniformly and effectively heat the collagen egg white in the deep dermis, and promote the degeneration, recombination and coagulation of collagen. In addition, microneedle caused by minimally invasive, stimulate a variety of activating factors, skin from the epidermis to the deep fascia, achieve skin regeneration, firming lift, fade wrinkles and reshape the facial contour effect.


          How does the RF microneedle V-nice operate?


          It adopts microneet to accurately act RF energy on skin tissue of different depths, stimulate and induce the recombination and regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, improve skin texture from the source, form subcutaneous youthful replacement energy source, and directly, effectively and permanently radiate skin regeneration. The needle body is made of gold insulated microne. During the treatment, the gold part is insulated, so as to effectively control the skin damage. The needle tip releases energy to effectively stimulate the skin tissue, promote the recovery and shrink the fibrous tissue, so as to restore the normal working state of the skin.


          V-nice minimally invasive radiofrequency device, it is from 0.1 mm to 3.5 mm depth control precision, in the depth of the RF energy released (55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃), the heat transfer directly to the leather its efficient lattice RF technology provides a continuous mode of treatment for all types of skin all can achieve visible treatment effect for different parts of the body (facial, body) painless, no bleeding and postoperative recovery time is short.


          This instrument has many functions, and firming skin is only one of them. The result is very good, and the quality is guaranteed. It is the choice of most beauty salons.


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