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Problems around the eyes – eye bags and tear troughs

2022-06-10 16:22:23

          1.Edema-type eye bags


          It is relatively common. Usually it is transient. The blood circulation around the eyes is blocked or there is too much blood around the eyes.

          2.Congenital eye bags


          It is usually caused by heredity. Most of them occur in people aged 20-30. Simple orbicularis oculi muscle hypertrophy. When smiling, the lower eyelid bulges, but the skin does not loosen.


          3.Sagging eye bags


          Simple lower eyelid skin sagging, fat not bulging, but accompanied by increased wrinkles around the eyes


          4.Mixed eye bags


          Usually a mixture of fatty and saggy types, both bulging of the lower eyelid fat and sagging of the lower eyelid skin


          5.Tear trough eye bags


          It is formed due to the atrophy and sagging of the soft tissue at the lower edge of the orbital septum. The lacrimal groove begins to appear from the inner corner of the eye, and the eyelid is mainly a groove on the nasal side of the lower eyelid.

          Daily care:


          ①Apply an eye cream that contains collagen to firm the skin.


          ②For edema, it is generally better to adjust the routine of work and rest + use eye cream containing ingredients to promote blood circulation.


          ③ Apply ice for 5-10 minutes every day or use a soothing steam eye mask during rest time.


          Photoelectric Care:


          ① Filling: Filling with hyaluronic acid or collagen or autologous fat, but it must be done well. Improper handling can lead to accidents such as blindness


          ② Thread embedding treatment: Thread can stimulate collagen production, but it is easy to cause bruises and the recovery period is longer


          ③Mesoderm injection: Inject mesoderm products that are rich in nutrients to help rebuild skin tissue


          ④For collagen reduction and fat relaxation, V-Medi can be used as daily maintenance, or gold radio frequency microneedling with growth factors to regenerate skin collagen, firm skin, and improve eye bags and tear troughs.


          ⑤ Surgery: If the problem of eye bags is combined, it is necessary to remove the eye bags first and then perform tear trough treatment.


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