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Principle of eyebrow washing machine (tattoo washing), method and advantages

2022-03-31 13:27:22

          Principle: The laser eyebrow washing machine adopts the Q-switch technology, which releases the laser energy in a very short time to form a giant pulse, which is absorbed by the diseased pigment tissue and forms a shock wave, which crushes the pigment tissue. , can be phagocytosed and taken away by macrophages, and the pigment gradually fades until it disappears to achieve the purpose of treatment. Since normal tissue absorbs very little laser light at 1064 nm, the cellular framework remains intact and there is no condition for scarring. This is unmatched by any other method at present. It is precisely because laser depigmentation does not destroy normal tissues, its safety ensures that customers will not be troubled by complications after treatment to the greatest extent.

          How to wash eyebrows (tattoo):


          For example, tattoo removal is also known as tattoo removal, which is to remove the original tattoo on the body through certain technical means. With the rapid development of science and technology, there are many tattoo removal methods, such as the freezing method to remove pigment and the magic needle transfer heat method. , high-frequency electronic needle tattoo removal, traditional Chinese medicine tattoo removal, laser tattoo removal, etc., the commonly used laser tattoo removal method.

          Why the laser method stands out, and what are the pros and cons:


          (1). Laser tattoo removal uses lasers of different wavelengths to selectively treat the skin without damaging it.


          In this eyebrow washing or tattooing method, light is injected into the skin, turning the pigment particles into powder, making the jumps between them increase, and then being absorbed and cleared by macrophages, which can be repeated multiple times if the tattoo is darker in color.


          (2). Laser tattoo removal can remove large areas and heavy color patterns. In any case, the final result of this kind of tattoo removal depends on the size, location and pigment of the tattooed pattern. Using the most advanced technology, tattoo removal can remove the pattern with a relatively large area and a heavy color. This is the photocoagulation method. Wash tattoos.


          (3). The most significant advantage is that laser tattoo removal does not require the use of knives or abrasions, and in most cases tattoo removal does not leave visible scars. Other methods have the highest likelihood of scarring.


          (4). Tattoo removal does not require local anesthesia, which is another benefit of laser scar removal as compared to other scar removal procedures.


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