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Principle and nursing of water injection

2022-01-10 11:39:36

          The skin is composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, and contains accessory organs (hair, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, nails) as well as blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nerves and muscles. The epidermis is located in the uppermost layer of the skin, it is responsible for protecting the skin and cell metabolism.


          The dermis is located in the central layer of the skin and contains collagen, which can make the skin more elastic and increase its flexibility and adaptability; the subcutaneous tissue is composed of fat cells and loose connective tissue, which can protect the upper layer of cells and provide a buffering effect. Prevent external shocks.


          Topical moisturizing only provides moisture maintenance to the epidermal layer of the skin, while the diet takes in flowing water, which is difficult to use by the skin. These traditional moisturizing methods cannot fundamentally solve the problem of skin dehydration.


          Hyaluronic acid is one of the most important natural substances to maintain human health. From maintaining skin elasticity to lubricating joints, hyaluronic acid plays an important role. It also locks a large amount of water and forms an ultra-thin network of water molecules on the surface of the skin. Membrane, strengthen the stratum corneum hydration function, achieve a strong moisture-locking and moisturizing effect. Therefore, the water light needle is not simply replenishing water, but targeting and accurately replenishing water-locking substances to firmly lock the moisture in the skin. Because hyaluronic acid has the best effect when injected into the dermal reticular layer, water-light injection is to inject small molecule non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid as a base injection into the mesoderm to achieve the purpose of replenishing water.


          nutrient content


          The water-light injection is hyaluronic acid stock solution, which is a hyaluronic acid solution, and is a small molecule non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. In addition, other substances can be added according to different needs:


          1.Non-crosslinked small molecule hyaluronic acid:


          This is the most basic nutrient solution for the most hydrating needles.


          The small molecule hyaluronic acid is mainly responsible for hydrating and repairing the skin. It is a liquid nutrient with low molecular weight and low viscosity, making it easier to liquefy, inject and absorb.


          2.Hyaluronic acid + botulinum toxin:


          Combined injection of these two ingredients is mainly responsible for hydrating + wrinkle removal. Botox can refine pores, smooth skin and reduce oil secretion.


          3.Hyaluronic acid + collagen:


          Sufficient collagen can keep the skin in a youthful and moisturized state.


          Therefore, when a large amount of collagen is lost and the skin appears sagging, atrophy, wrinkles, etc., timely supplementation of collagen can increase the thickness and elasticity of the skin.


          4.Hyaluronic acid + PRP autologous serum:


          Prp is a high-concentration platelet plasma extracted from its own blood, which can repair fibrocytes and stimulate the production of collagen.


          It can dilute the wrinkles caused by cell weakness, aging, lack of water, etc., and can also solve the problem of non-fineness caused by the lack of skin tissue.


          5.Hyaluronic acid + VC:


          VC effectively treats spots and spots caused by different pigmentation, and has the effect of whitening the skin.


          6.Hyaluronic acid + glutathione:


          Glutathione is an anti-oxidant ingredient that can improve dark yellow skin, brighten skin tone, brighten skin, and whiten skin.


          Treatment focus


          There are many gimmicks boasting about Shuiguangzhen on the market, but Shuiguangzhen is not a panacea.


          The main function of water-light acupuncture is to replenish moisture to the skin and increase the water-holding capacity of the dermis.


          1.gram of hyaluronic acid is equivalent to 16 grams of collagen. When the skin has slight depressions and wrinkles, it can be filled and smoothed.


          Skin problems caused by lack of water can almost be alleviated and improved after injection of water light needle.


          treatment effect

          One injection: moisturize the skin, the skin is like dead wood in spring.


          Second injection: starting from the basal layer, the skin becomes better, brightens, pores shrink, and makeup is easier.


          Three injections: strengthen the antioxidant capacity, superimpose the effects, and achieve continuous nutrition.


          Four injections: year-round maintenance, the skin is moisturized, clear, healthy and energetic.


          The state that the water light needle can reach,


          The skin is adjusted to this degree of transparency for the base, and then after applying makeup to achieve this effect, you can also do:


          Nursing methods after water-light acupuncture treatment:


          1.Advanced repair procedures (such as application of medical sterile repair mask, beauty care, cleaning, etc.) are given to the treated area after the operation. Please consult the attending physician for the specific treatment plan, which may vary according to individual circumstances.


          2.The surgical site should not be wetted within 24 hours after the operation, while keeping the surgical site clean, avoiding high temperature and humid environment, and not being exposed to the sun for a long time.


          3.The treatment area should be cleaned gently within two days after treatment, avoiding vigorous rubbing.


          4.It is recommended to use repairing collagen once in the morning and evening after the operation.


          5.Do not wipe the treatment area with cosmetics after the operation, and do not touch the treatment area with your hands to reduce the chance of infection. Don’t start putting on makeup just a few days after the treatment. It is best to wait for the swelling of the face to disappear before putting on makeup. (Not less than three days, consultation with the attending physician after three days depends on the situation)


          6.Avoid smoking and alcohol, stay away from spicy food and seafood, and do not perform sweating activities such as sauna and sports in the short term.


          7.After water-light treatment, the skin is more sensitive, and some people who seek beauty will have dry skin (usually in the first three days). Beauty seekers with this problem can take intensive hydration care, such as drinking more than 1500 ml of water a day, and other hydrating methods please follow the doctor’s advice.


          8.Other operations are not allowed on the day of water-light acupuncture treatment. If necessary, consult the attending physician in advance.


          Problems and solutions that easily occur after water-light acupuncture treatment:


          1.Pain has individual differences and may be related to the injected ingredients.


          2.In addition to factors such as deep injection and excessive negative pressure, people seeking beauty during the injection are taking anticoagulant drugs. The blood is in a state of hypocoagulation, which can also cause ecchymosis. Some people with special constitutions are also prone to ecchymosis. . Solution: After the ecchymosis is formed, warm and wet compress can be used to promote the ecchymosis to disappear. If necessary, the treatment should be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor.


          3.Infection Infection is related to factors such as lax disinfection, doctors’ violation of aseptic operation specifications, and repeated use of negative pressure catheters. Solution: If infection occurs, topical antibiotic ointment can be used. If necessary, go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment under the guidance of a professional doctor.


          4.Allergy treatment may use local anesthetics, and some people may also be allergic to the components of injections or skin care products used after surgery. Solution: If you encounter allergies, you should end up treatment immediately, treat the symptoms symptomatically, and treat under the guidance of a professional doctor if necessary.


          5.Pigmentation The causes of pigmentation include inadequate sun protection after surgery, photosensitive ingredients in injections, infections and allergies. Solution: If pigmentation occurs, it should be treated under the guidance of a professional doctor


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