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Picosecond function

2022-08-11 16:21:24

          The only picosecond laser brands that have entered the Chinese market are Picosure and picoway. Today, I will focus on introducing the 755 honeycomb picosecond laser (Picosure) in the laser industry.


          Picosure honeycomb picosecond, produced by Cynosure, is the world’s first technology to realize picosecond alexandrite laser, and has obtained FDA and CFDA certification at the same time, and is also the world’s first manufacturer with Picosecond (picosecond time) technology , the treatment can be fast, powerful energy, to achieve precise smashing of pigment, and finally excreted.


          The treatment range of Hive Picosecond includes various benign pigmented lesions, such as sunburn, acquired dermal melanocytic hyperplasia, nevus of Ota, nevus of Ito and common freckles, etc. It can be said that medical beauty has entered a new era~


          Using 755 wavelength laser with honeycomb instant lens to focus 70% laser energy


          Each laser light provides 10% high-efficiency shock wave action of the skin tissue, shattering the melanocytes in the epidermis


          The shock wave is transmitted to the deep dermis, activates the skin repair mechanism, and promotes the growth of collagen and elastic fibers


          Accelerate the metabolism of the skin, accelerate the metabolism of melanin and excrete it from the body, and improve the melanin from the root.


          While solving skin problems such as roughness and pores, it can also clean eyebrows and tattoos, and is different from the three major characteristics of traditional laser therapy.


          By the wavelength, the melanin in the epidermis and dermis is reacted, and the cells that have become pigment spots are destroyed. Such lasers have a pulse width limit of 10 nanoseconds and can work on targets ranging in size from 2 microns to around 700 microns, so smaller targets are ineffective.


          Far superior to ordinary laser treatment technology, it can destroy extremely small targets and achieve a more ideal treatment effect.


          less damage to the skin


          It is often accompanied by varying degrees of redness and slight swelling. Improper care after treatment can easily leave traces.


          Minimize the burden of treatment on the skin.


          less pain


          It precisely locks on the target, effectively minimizes the pain and avoids burning sensation while not hurting the skin tissue outside the target.


          working principle


          755nm wavelength


          ①The absorption of melanin is 3 times that of the traditional laser 1064nm wavelength, and the removal of melanin is more thorough and clean.


          ②755 wavelength, almost no reaction to the skin and other tissues, causing less side effects.


          550~750ps picosecond pulse width (only 1/9 of traditional nanosecond laser)


          ①Under the ultra-short pulse width, the light energy is too late to be converted into heat energy, almost no photothermal effect is produced, the damage to the surrounding tissue of the skin is smaller and safer, and the probability of blackening and depigmentation is greatly reduced.


          ②Melanin rapidly expands after absorbing energy and bursts to produce a photomechanical effect.


          Honeycomb Lens Mode (Restore your clean skin)


          ①The energy is focused up to 20 times, which is more effective for deep, stubborn pigments.


          ②Only 10% of the tissue area is damaged during treatment, and the damage to the skin is minimal, which effectively reduces the postoperative repair period to a lower degree.


          ③ The photomechanical effect produced can significantly improve pores, fine lines, acne scars, and skin aging.

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