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Note for semiconductor laser depilator 808

2022-02-23 09:32:39

        A lot of people do not pay attention to care after depilation, soon the skin will become bad, Let’s learn what problems need to pay attention to after depilation, note for semiconductor laser depilator808.


        Excessive energy can lead to thermal injury of the skin, which may cause skin hypertrophy, atrophy or abnormal pigmentation.


1.Make sure the patient is comfortable on the operating table and wearing protective glasses, as well as glasses for all personnel in the operating room.The operator has easy access to the operating area.


2.Remove perfume, makeup and sunscreen on your skin.


3.Note that the current number of pulses is recorded to calculate the cumulative operation energy.


4.Select the appropriate settings and save them after the parameters are selected. This allows the operator to operate on the same patient group with the same parameters.


5.Check the handle to make sure it is cold.


6.Hold the handheld device perpendicular to the skin and in contact with it.Gently press the ends on the skin to make good contact.


7.To achieve the desired effect, continue with the same parameters.


8.Press the foot switch and the handpieceat the same time to start the operation.


9.If side effects (such as excessive redness) occur before the hair follicle responds well, adjust the operating parameters to reduce the damage of the operation, this damage can be reduced by reducing the energy by 5-10% or adjusting the pulse type to a larger value.


10.If the skin does not have any adverse reactions or any changes, the energy can be increased by 5-10% until the expected effect is achieved.


        The most important thing is that 808 freezing point depilation light can cause serious eye damage or blindness. For safety, please bring goggles to patients when facial hair removal.


Precautions after operation


1.Apply an ice pack to the area that feels the pain.


2.No hot bath within 24 hours, no sauna, sweat, swimming and other activities within 7 days, to prevent infection, immediately after the operation must use hair removal care solution (3 to 4 times in the morning and evening), smeared for 15 days.


3.Pay attention to sunscreen, do not wear makeup, physical sunscreen (mask, UV glasses).


4.Spicy, seafood, beef, mutton and other exciting food for 7 days is prohibited.


        808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument matters needing attention may not be sorted complete, Feijia has a professional tutor, you can personally come to the beauty salon to explain.Good service in Zone!!


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