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Is the 3 wavelengthes Combination laser really more effective for hair removal?

2022-07-12 16:25:24

          3 wavelengthes Combination laser includes 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm, but is it really more effective for hair removal?

          Since 2017, the beauty market has created an upsurge, all the beauty salon has been madly purchasing 755, 808 and 1064 three-wavelength mixed laser hair removal devices. Is this combination 3 wavelengthes machine really effective? Is it really more effective than a single wavelength of 808nm or 810nm? The following is some summary based on my personal working experience, just for your reference:


          Theoretically, each wavelength has different hair removal applications. as follows:


          1.755nm Laser is especially good for very thin hair on white skin people and effective for hairs in anagen and telogen;


          2.808nm Laseris suitable for black hair on the yellow skin or the light skin;


          3.1064nm laser is very good for hair removal on dark skin people.

          So the combined wavelength diode laser machine have a wider applicable scope for hair removal treatment.However, considering the hair removal effect, it still needs to think twice.


          There are two kinds of mixed wavelengths on the market, one is a handle mixing three wavelengths, the other is three handles three wavelengths.


          In terms of control, if a handle with three wavelengths is to be controlled at the same time, it is necessary to coordinate the appropriate current and voltage to facilitate the simultaneous operation of the three wavelengths. This will inevitably cause a certain wavelength to not make full use of residual heat if their threshold currents are not the same. So I personally think that a handle of three wavelengths is just a marketing gimmick. There are indeed hair removal effects, but far less than the standard 810nm gold single hair removal hair removal effect is good.


          Another kind of three-handle three-wavelength effect is certainly much better, but there is a drawback that the price is too expensive, not suitable for small and medium-sized beauty salons. If you are a professional hospital or a large beauty chain, you may consider buying one of the machine’s multiple handles and multiple wavelengths. If the initial investment is not high, you can purchase a single wavelength, and you can purchase other wavelengths later. This effect is also better than a handle mixing wavelength, and the cost performance will be higher.

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