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How to Choose a Reliable Diode laser hair removal machine from china supplier ?

2022-08-30 16:50:38

          During the  business export the medical aesthetic equipment with global customers these years, there are many after sales problems we meet from customers with some suppliers,Brief include 3 points below:


          *Not normal delivered or broken units.


          *Not quality machine, but inferior unit which can’t effective works or cause big skin burn risk without safe setting.


          *No considerate service, but no response after payment. No after-sales when machine broken in short time.


          A very basic and most important thing is to build the trust between each transaction, because the customer can’t really touch or see the machine on internet or just by seller’s presentation (pictures,video, email,phone call). Some doubts before payment is understandable. Today i‘m going to share a few experience hope to help the new buyer from abroad choose the reliable beauty machine in case of any future risk. Start on diode laser hair removal machine first.


          Laser hair removal service is so popular on the market, you should know below things in advance.


          Chapter 1: Anatomy of Hair


          Please ask yourself below Questions before you offer hair removal laser treatment: 1. What is the structure of hair? 2. Which part provides nutrient for hair? 3. Which part contains melanin in the hair?


          Hair growth has its circle stage include anagen, catagen and telogen.While the stage also different to each person & body area.So when we talk about light based hair removal treatment, we are talking the laser or light work for the hair at anagen stage, because only this stage the hair contains melanin.


          So then can you give a response to How many treatments will you need if you do hair removal lasser for different area?


          Hair grows in cycles and laser can only treat hairs in the “Anagen” or active growth stage. Since different percent of hairs are in the Anagen stage at different body area,while other hair left in catagen and telogen stage won’t work by the laser or light.According to the treatment area customer may require 2~8 sessions get full hair removal permanently, but more may be required for the face, those with darker skin or hormonal conditions, those with certain syndromes, and for those that have waxed for many years or had IPL in the past


          (The hair growth cycle will slow throughout the laser course as there is less blood flow and nourishment to the hair site. The growth may slow to months or even years before new hairs show up. This is why maintenance is required after the initial course. All treatment results are individual.both affect follicle health and growth cycles).

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