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How To Care for Your Skin Before and After Laser Hair Removal

2022-05-13 16:44:39

          Before your session


          In the 2-3 weeks before your laser therapy session, you can prepare your back by:


          1.Refraining from waxing


          2.Refraining from self-tanning lotions


          3.Avoiding excessive UV exposure, including tanning beds


          4.Avoiding any photosensitive medications or creams


          5.Applying SPF when venturing outside (although you probably don’t have to need to apply SPF to your back in January in New York, you should take this into consideration if you’re headed to a tropical destination for a winter getaway)


          Beach bodies are made in winter


          Believe it or not, a beach-ready back starts today. Because laser energy only affects follicles that are in their growing phase, you’ll have a few sessions — anywhere from 4-6 treatments — spaced a few weeks apart to ensure that all hair follicles are treated. In other words, embarking on your laser therapy in the middle of winter means having a beach-ready back in June.


          diode laser hair removal uses advanced laser technology to quickly and safely blast the protein cells in your hair follicles. These cells give your hair the nourishment it needs to grow. Since diode treatments are highly targeted treatments, your surrounding skin and tissues won’t be harmed.


          Because the diode laser system is so safe, you can treat most areas of your body, including your:


          Face/Underarms/Arms and legs/Back/Bikini area/Chest and shoulders.


          Everyone’s needs are different, but on average, patients receive six to eight treatments. The duration and number of treatments you need vary depending on several factors: the area of your body being treated, the amount of hair to be removed, and the color of your skin and hair.


          As a rule of thumb, however, most sessions take only minutes. Even larger areas, like your chest or back, typically fit into your lunch hour. Because diode laser prevents new hair growth, most people have results that last. If you experience some regrowth, this hair is lighter and thinner, making it easy to blast away with quick touch-up treatment.


          What should I do before my treatment?


          If you’re hoping for the longest-lasting results with the healthiest skin possible, be sure to take these steps before your diode laser hair removal treatment:


          1.Stop waxing and plucking four to six weeks before treatment: Since laser hair removal works by targeting the root, you want the root in place (NOTE: shaving is okay since it doesn’t affect the root of your hair!)


          2.Shave 24-48 hours before treatment: This decreases the chances of the laser burning the hair.


          3.Stay out of the sun: Keep your skin away from the sun beginning two weeks before your session since sunburn can make it impossible to undergo treatment.


          4.Avoid bleach and certain medications: Stop any hair bleaching at least six weeks before your treatment since it makes the hair difficult to target, and check with our team about any medications you take since they can affect your skin.


          5.Come to your appointment with clean skin free of makeup or lotion: Certain ingredients in beauty products can impact your laser hair removal results.


          6.Following these guidelines helps reduce your risk of side effects on your skin, such as mild irritations, burns, and discoloration. You’ll also get better hair removal results!


          What should I do after my treatment?

          Once your treatment is complete, it’s important to pay special attention to your skin. Immediately following treatment, your skin may feel sensitive to the touch or slightly warm or irritated.


          These side effects typically go away quickly, but you can speed up their departure by following these guidelines for a day or two:


          1.Avoid direct sun exposure


          2.If your skin is red or slightly swollen, apply ice


          3.Avoid rubbing or itching your treated skin


          4.Use a gentle, unscented, moisturizer with SPF protection


          5.Avoid wearing makeup after facial treatments


          6.Take lukewarm instead of hot showers


          7.Stay away from heated places like saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs


          8.Avoid intense exercise that overheats your skin


          9.You’ll also want to wear loose, soft clothes that don’t rub against or irritate your skin. After 24-48 hours, any sensitivity or irritation should subside. You’ll want to continue to minimize sun exposure for a week, then wear sunscreen whenever you head outside.


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