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How to care after DPL precise skin rejuvenation

2022-06-20 14:18:45

          DPL precise skin rejuvenation is a way to use high-tech products to improve the quality of the skin, but after finishing precise skin rejuvenation, you must pay attention to postoperative problems, so you must pay special attention to the maintenance problems after precise skin rejuvenation.

          How to care after DPL precise skin rejuvenation


          You can wash your face and put on makeup the next day after treatment, but try to protect the scabs; the original scabs appear very thin after treatment, and they will come off completely after 5-7 days. Generally, by the 6th day, the treated area has all the scabs. At this time, you can use a small amount of cleanser to gently wash your face, but you must use a lotion-like or gel-like cleansing product. More gentle.


          After cleansing the face, apply lotion, preferably a fat-soluble skin care product, to reduce the tightness of the skin. The scab is best to fall off naturally. Do not dig out the scab with your hands at will to avoid leaving scars and produce pigmentation; do not perform transitional exercises such as swimming within one week after treatment; the last thing to pay attention to is to take sunscreen after the scab falls off , Apply topical ointment or product according to the doctor’s instructions

          Clinical endpoint:


          1.After the treatment, the skin has obvious heat sensation, the warm feeling is the best, and there are few areas with redness, redness and swelling.


          2.There is a sensation of heat in the deep layers of the skin; touch with the back of the hand to feel the heat diffuse from the inside out.


          Postoperative precautions


          1.Apply medical ice pack to the area with strong tingling sensation.


          2.You can’t take a bath within 24 hours, and can’t use sauna, sweat, swimming and other activities within 7 days. After the operation, you must use hair removal care solution (2 to 3 times in the morning and evening) for 15 days.


          3.Pay attention to sun protection, do not use functional cosmetics, physical sun protection (masks, anti-UV glasses).


          4.Stimulating foods such as spicy, seafood, beef and mutton are prohibited within 7 days.


          DPL photon skin rejuvenation device will not damage normal skin after use, so it will not leave scars. There is a cold compress function during the treatment, and it is not very painful. And going to a regular hospital for treatment has no side effects.

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