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How to assemble diode laser hair removal machine with frame and shell?

2022-07-25 15:47:30

          How to assemble diode laser hair removal machine with frame and shell?


          When you bought a hair removal machine frame, you may want to know how to connected the electronic wires and the water tubes with the outshell? Please find the following details:


          This is a non-compressor 600W micro channel 808nm diode laser hair removal machine without cover shell.


          It is a little different in the cooling system, there will be more space for the radiation and fans for heat- dissipation. Also this machine will be most cost-effective for mini salon and distributions. Oriental-laser focused on diode laser assembly for more than 10 years. So we can OEM any spare parts of laser hair removal machine from screws to total machine.


          This Frame will be included the following structures from upside to the bottom.One is Electricity Connections and another is Water Way System, also you need add an extra laser handle for treatment.


          I: Electricity Connections in the upper side:


          DWIN 10.4 inch color touch screen


          All three Taiwan Meanwell Branded Power Supply


          Self-design Controller board for both soft-ware and hard-ware


          II: Water Way System Bottom side:


          Radiators with best cooling effect also more space for heat-dissipation


          Water pumps and tank to control the perfect water recycle inner side


          Water sensor,filters and temperature sensors to keep the water recycle accurately


          III: 600W micro channel diode laser handle


          Oriental-laser has a nice 100K clean-lab specially for diode laser bar assembly. So we can make diode laser stack with Germany imported bars by ourself. That is why we can offer diode laser handle cheaper than others but with more reasonable price and better quality. At the same time, we can repair other brand diode laser handles from Alma Lasers and Syneron or other china brand and Korea are also ok.


          More details from each side of MI-V-NOC-6-F hair removal machine frame 


          In the back side, there is no connected wires with outshell.So you just need to know about the water tank, laser power supply and the bottom side screw holes.


          In Front side, You will see the handles will be connected out shell with connectors.


          From left side there are 3 water valve named water inlet , outlet abd water spilt. Please connected them with valve from outshell.


          Also each machine there will be two fans outshell connected with 12 V electricity. So please leave some wires for them .


          Right side you will see the lock and emergency switch also connected with shell upside. Also back side there are plug electricity connections please use it 220V input.


          Upper side clearly you see the machine electricity connections, also it will be showed in special controller board part.


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