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How many times does laser hair removal work best?

2022-03-21 09:58:34

        Hair removal is a compulsory course for every summer who loves beauty. Even lazy people who are afraid of trouble, such as me, have to do some hair removal projects for beauty. Finally in the autumn and winter season, the long-sleeved trousers are covered, no one can see the hair on the armpits and legs no matter how long, do you no longer have to worry about hair removal? In fact, this idea is wrong, and the skin is clean and white, and I will feel happy physically and mentally after seeing it. Then laser hair removal is best done several times.

        In winter, people who are afraid of the cold do not even want to take off their clothes, and if they want to get rid of hair without trouble, they need “higher, faster, stronger” hair removal efficiency. Fiber laser hair removal device can remove hair faster and in time.


        The fiber laser hair removal instrument adopts a unique and innovative fiber output method, with lower output energy attenuation and almost no loss, so the light output energy is higher. The measured data shows that its optical power energy is equivalent to 3 to 4 times that of the traditional 808nm semiconductor laser. The effect is better, the energy control is more optimized, and the hair removal is more efficient and faster.


        Advantages of fiber laser hair removal equipment


        More stable energy output

        The optical fiber method has lower attenuation of light energy transmission and almost no loss, so the light output energy is higher. The data shows that the light power energy is 3~4 times that of the traditional semiconductor laser, and the hair removal effect is better.


        At the same time, the light energy output is more uniform, avoiding local excessive heat caused by uneven energy.


        Better cooling design


        The optimized semiconductor laser chip solution disperses and integrates traditional semiconductor laser chips, and the chip heats up faster. At the same time, the diameter of the cooling water channel becomes larger, and the cooling is faster and longer.


        Longer laser life


        The optimized chip scheme greatly guarantees the cooling efficiency of the laser. At the same time, it also avoids the clogging of the traditional semiconductor laser caused by the micron-level cooling water pipe and the environmental temperature difference.


        The burning phenomenon caused by instantaneous heat condensation of the laser occurs, and the failure rate of the instrument is further reduced, and the manufacturer enjoys the quality guarantee of the manufacturer’s 2-year long free warranty period.


        It’s best to do laser hair removal several times. I believe you have already understood it. If you have more needs, you can contact me in time.


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