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HIFU treatment anti-aging principle

2021-12-22 09:59:43

1、what is HIFU?


        First of all, HIFU is not a knife, but an advanced instrument. The “knife” is used to express the magic and speed of the effect! No operation, no bleeding, no redness, no swelling, no pain, just do it and go, zero recovery period, solve skin sagging Facial problems such as aging, sagging, dryness, etc., easily become younger.


2、What is the principle of HIFU?


        HIFU uses the principle of high-energy focusing of sound waves (ultrasound principle) to focus energy on a point, quickly penetrates the epidermis, fat, and fascia layers to form reticular condensation points in the fascia layer, stimulating muscle tissue to contract and tighten, and collagen The elastic fiber is regenerated, and after the layers are lifted and tightened.


3、Does HIFU have side effects and how long can it last?


        HIFU is safe and has no side effects, no surgery, no trauma! It stimulates the contraction of the SMAS layer fascia through the principle of sound wave focusing. Self-regeneration of collagen achieves the effect of enhancing, tightening and plumping! After HIFU, if properly maintained, the effect can generally be maintained for about 3 years. If you want to enhance the effect, it is recommended to do it every 6-8 months.


        HIFU beauty is non-invasive. In this regard, HIFU beauty is relatively safe. Through the dedicated HIFU equipment, countless lattice ultrasonic cluster heat conduction methods, the energy wave successfully penetrates into the subcutaneous fascia layer, and the focusing surface is formed to stimulate the dermis layer through the frequency radiation electric field. The high temperature formed by the frequency radiation can make the subcutaneous aging collagen fiber layer effective It tightens and proliferates, replenishes and rebuilds the collagen fiber network, has deep to shallow tension and smoothes wrinkles, enhances the contours, and restores the skin’s full and plump function.

        It can be seen from the principle of HIFU beauty that HIFU beauty has very high requirements for the skin condition. Before HIFU beautification, it is necessary to ensure that the collagen fiber network in the dermis is full and tough, otherwise when the HIFU heat energy reaches the dermis, the collagen fiber network in the dermis cannot withstand the high temperature, which will cause adverse postoperative reactions.


        HIFU cosmetology may cause redness or pain after surgery. In fact, this situation is normal after surgery. After all, the temperature of HIFU surgery reaches nearly 70 degrees. This situation is bound to cause pressure or damage to the dermis. However, some people do it. Afterwards, the redness and swelling will not go away for a long time, because the dermis layer cannot withstand energy because the dermis layer is not supplemented before the operation. To solve this problem, it is necessary to supplement the nano-level collagen new muscle drink before the operation.


        Why can’t we use other grades of collagen instead of nano-grade collagen? In fact, only nano-level collagen can be used before and after HIFU cosmetic surgery. Nano-level collagen can smoothly enter the dermis with its nano-level molecular weight, replenishing the collagen fiber network in a deep layer. Ensure that the lack of collagen during HIFU surgery will not cause HIFU heat to directly act on the dermis tissue, causing serious side effects. However, traditional large-molecule collagen and even small-molecule collagen cannot enter the dermis and cannot play a role.


        In addition, collagen itself has a repair function, but the molecular weight of traditional small-molecule collagen is between 1000-3000 Daltons, and it cannot enter the muscle bottom to play the role of collagen itself, let alone as a small-molecule collagen. Raw material of macromolecular collagen. And because the molecular weight of nano-collagen reaches 500 Daltons, it does not need to be digested by gastric juice, but directly enters the body’s internal circulation, which can ensure the performance of collagen repair and skin lifting and wrinkle removal.


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