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HIFU function and use introduction

2022-02-15 10:59:15

        There are two reasons for aging: 1. Collagen loss 2. Laxity and sagging caused by insufficient support of the fascia layer.


        Therefore, anti-aging is what girls are pursuing now. Since anti-aging is mentioned, HIFU has to be thought of.


        HIFU mainly uses high-intensity energy ultrasonic focusing technology to bypass the epidermis in a V-shaped output mode to generate hot solder joints on the fixed cortex, from shallow to deep, from the inside to the outside layered anti-aging, achieves collagen regeneration, and lifts the fascia. Compared with the radio frequency machine, the effect of ultrasonic knife is more obvious and lasting and effective. The radio frequency type produces the thermal effect to deform the collagen, and the durability is relatively short. V Mesoplastics produces 75°C thermal coagulation, also known as thermal deformation and thermal necrosis, which is irreversible, so doctors will pursue reasonable point-like thermal coagulation.


        Its treatment and treatment items are mainly skin sagging, firming and lifting, skin rejuvenation, therapeutic anti-aging equipment.


        This machine has treatment heads of different depths.


        The 4.5mm cutter head can act on the superficial fascia layer (the function of the fascia is to lift, support, and generate hot welding spots on the superficial fascia layer to shrink it to achieve the effect of firm and pulling) 3.0mm 1.5mm cutter head function For the dermis layer, thermal coagulation can reach above 75°C in the dermis layer. Thermal coagulation will stimulate the activity of fibroblasts to repair wounds and synthesize a large amount of collagen in the process of repairing wounds, so this instrument can be used from shallow to deep. Different layers of skin, layered and anti-aging, can solve the problems of not sagging skin, not obvious jaw line, tightening double chin and improving nasolabial folds.


        However, for the insignificant improvement of nasolabial folds caused by the deep nasal base, a 20%-30% improvement effect can be achieved immediately after surgery. Collagen regeneration takes 20 days to one month to appear, and the effect reaches its peak in 3 months. The effect will be more obvious.


        Attention should be paid to the following when operating:


(1) For the operation from deep to shallow, start with the 4.5mm cutter head (4.5mm cutter head is only suitable for the position below the cheek) and then use the 3.0mm cutter head for the second operation (3.0mm can Operate the whole face, the forehead position is more painful, you can use 1.5mm) The last time use 1.5mm (1.5mm has the strongest pain) 3 cutter heads each operate once


(2) The same cutter head depth cannot overlap operation 1. Repeat After the operation, there will be nodules in the fascia layer, which is highly traumatic. 2. Repeated operation will lead to necrosis of the fascia layer, and less repair cells will cause ulceration.


(3) At the beginning of the operation, the energy is always the lowest. If you can’t feel it, you can add energy one by one. (If there is no feeling in this place, you can increase the energy and then operate another piece, but remember not to use the same cutter head to overlap operation) The operation must be symmetrical energy operation, the energy of the operation on both sides It must be the same.


(4) Immediately apply ice for 20 minutes after finishing the project, there will be 20%-30% immediate effect, which is caused by postoperative redness and swelling. The symptoms of inflammation are redness, swelling, heat and pain. The effect of redness and swelling is to tighten the skin and shrink the collagen immediately. The obvious effect will only appear after two weeks to one month after the operation, and the effect will reach its peak after 3 months.


Further reading:Clinical case


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