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Gold Micro Needle

2022-03-27 11:48:34

        As far as the beauty industry trend projects in recent years are concerned, in addition to using high technology, their commonality is that they are all related to anti-aging, and anti-aging is the current mainstream trend in the beauty industry.


        Philosophically speaking, the economic foundation determines the superstructure, and the economic foundation also determines the consumption trend. Today’s social and economic strength is basically concentrated in the 30-60 age group. People in this age group have stable economic income and relatively free consumption. rights, and pursue a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

        Especially economically free women, they are more and more concerned about their external image while pursuing internal improvement. However, with age, sagging skin is inevitable, so anti-aging will be such a fanatical pursuit.


        Adolescence is troubled by various acne problems, and after puberty, the acne marks and acne pits left behind are also difficult to get rid of. Watching someone else’s face lighten while your own dull complexion exposes unhealthy expressions.


        In fact, now a new instrument is quietly entering the market, namely zheone gold radio frequency microneedle. This is a high-end medical skin beautifying instrument, one treatment sees the self many years ago.


        Zheone gold radio frequency micro-needling uses tiny needles to stimulate skin regeneration. Gold RF Microneedle = Microneedle + RF Upgrade.


        The zheone gold radio frequency microneedle releases radio frequency energy through the needle tip, accurately shoots the energy to different skin depths, stimulates more accurately, induces collagen regeneration and reorganization, and changes the shortcomings of radio frequency – uncertain treatment depth, severe epidermal damage, Energy transmission attenuates these problems, and the needle body is covered with insulating material to protect the epidermis, so the incidence of scarring and pigmentation is very low.


        It selectively destroys the sebaceous glands in the pus and surrounding areas, reducing skin secretion and inhibiting the inflammatory response of acne – this is the root of acne treatment.


1、It is very powerful in removing acne and is extremely safe. General acne marks, acne pits, and large oil fields can take effect at one time, with high cost performance;


2、If the skin has poor elasticity, large pores, and a tired face, gold microneedling is more effective than photons;


3、Physical intervention + radio frequency stimulation can stimulate the skin to regenerate in a two-pronged approach, and the skin can be reborn after more than 4 times;


4、There is basically no pain after facial numbness;


5、Remember not to pick the small scab the next day, it will fall off on its own after 2 to 5 days.


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