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Give it up! Smoking doesn’t just hurt your lungs, it ruins your face!

2022-06-29 15:47:15

          When it comes to smoking, many people know that it is bad for the lungs. Research shows that more than two-thirds of lung cancer deaths worldwide are caused by smoking, and one-fifth of each year’s deaths are directly related to smoking


          Under such terrible data, there are still people who do not know the so-called smoking as always.

          Why is this happening?


          For many smokers, smoking is to a large extent a psychological need, a habit and dependence, which often reflects life pressure, anxiety, or herd mentality.


          Even if you know that it is harmful, when the addiction to smoking makes all kinds of discomfort, when the pleasure of vaping, you will forget it.


          The saddest thing is that while you are having fun, others are suffering.


          Everyone knows the harm of second-hand smoke. If you spend more than 15 minutes with second-hand smoke every day, you will be no less poisoned than smokers.


          Maybe some people will be concerned about others and consciously hide in no one’s corner when they smoke, but do you think this will not harm others? Without second-hand smoke, third-hand smoke is still a crime.


          After smoking, the smell of smoke will remain on clothes, walls, furniture and even hair and skin, which forms third-hand smoke. Not only will it cause air pollution, but others will passively smoke unknowingly, resulting in the possibility of disease.


          If smoking first-hand smoke is suicide, then second-hand smoke is murder, and third-hand smoke is assassination. Either way, it is “extremely bad”.


          Regarding the harm of smoking, in addition to hurting the lungs, it will also cause direct damage to our skin. After all, the toxic substances released during smoking will come into close contact with the skin, which may cause the following situations:


          aging skin, increased wrinkles

          We all know that collagen maintains the elasticity and tension of the skin, and tobacco extracts can cause the degradation of collagen. Once collagen is lost faster, it promotes skin aging, especially on the lips and around the eyes.


          The facial wrinkles of a 40-year-old smoker may be similar to that of a 60-year-old non-smoker. And women’s skin ageing caused by smoking is more obvious than men’s


          Furthermore, smoking with pursed lips often aggravates lip lines. If you don’t believe me, if you observe some smokers carefully, you will find that their lips are more wrinkled and darkened.


          effect on acne


          The effect of smoking on acne is still controversial, and its mechanism of action is unclear.


          Anxiety may be a confounding factor in the association between smoking and acne in the context of the belief that acne is exacerbated by stress and is associated with a higher risk of smoking.


          In addition, when a high concentration of nicotine acts on the skin, it will cause excessive keratinization of the hair follicles and sebaceous ducts, that is, the pores are easily blocked, which aggravates the occurrence of acne.


          In any case, even though the role of smoking on acne is unclear, the risk is certainly lower for non-smokers.


          affect wound healing


          It has been clinically proven that smokers have a tendency to delay wound healing. The nicotine in cigarettes impairs wound healing by impairing the mediators needed for wound healing.


          That said, if you’re out of surgery or have a wound, it’s best not to smoke (or passively), increasing the risk of wound infection and slow healing.


          Can e-cigarettes replace traditional cigarettes?


          Electronic cigarettes seem to be spread like magic, can a healthy alternative to tobacco still quit smoking? Pull it down.


          Compared with traditional cigarettes, although electronic cigarettes do not produce tar and carbon monoxide, they still contain harmful substances such as nicotine. This substance can keep you cool, but it is still an addictive “culprit”. How can it be possible to quit smoking successfully Woolen cloth.


          What is even more terrifying is that the current e-cigarette market is mixed, and there is no clear standard for nicotine content. In order to make people more motivated, some unscrupulous merchants often add excessive nicotine illegally.


          Also, it adds something different and that is fragrance. On the surface, it can satisfy everyone’s pursuit of different tastes, but in fact, I don’t know how many “private goods” are entrained. No less harmful than nicotine.

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