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Detailed answers to common sensitive skin problems

2022-04-24 14:18:39

          1.Can I use essential oils for sensitive skin?


          The essential oils on the market are mixed, and if the quality is not good, the negative impact will be even greater. It is best not to use essential oils. If you must use them, then you must grasp two points: First, choose reliable high-quality essential oils from big brands; Second, reduce the amount when using them, and low concentrations are the best.

          2.Can I use cosmeceuticals for sensitive skin?


          The cosmeceutical market is actually quite chaotic, often mixing a variety of plant ingredients, resulting in more irritation and allergic reactions. The so-called cosmeceutical, there is no definition. It is completely different from the medical care used in medicine. Sensitive skin must be careful when using cosmeceuticals.


          3.Can sensitive skin be cleaned?


          Cleaning can be done, but be sure not to over-clean. Ditch the soap-based cleanser and switch to a mild amino acid cleanser. Protect your skin by reducing the frequency of cleaning instruments and cleaning masks.


          4.Can sensitive skin be hydrated?


          Proper hydration is right, but blind hydration is wrong. One mask a day will only make the face more sensitive.


          5.Does staying up late have any effect on sensitive skin?


          Staying up late not only affects sensitive skin, but also causes irreparable damage to the body. Staying up late will reduce the body’s immunity, and various diseases will follow.


          6.Does mentality affect sensitive skin?


          Any impatience and anger will not only have no useful effect on the skin, but will only make your allergic reaction worse.  People who have a clear understanding of sensitive skin and are full of confidence and maintain an optimistic attitude can often eliminate stress and repair sensitive skin.


          7.Does the changing season affect sensitive skin?


          influential. When the seasons change, changes in the external environment and climate directly affect the state of the skin. The dry heat left in the skin in summer and the temperature drop in autumn will also cause the body and skin to be subject to various pressures and irritations.


          8.What effect does a high concentration of active ingredients have on sensitive skin?


          If the concentration of active ingredients is too high, it will cause excess nutrients to the skin, and the skin will appear to be pickled, which can easily cause rashes, small pustules, and itching.


          You need to reduce the amount and avoid interleaving different brands of highly active products in a short period of time, let alone over-aged products that are too nutritious, to avoid the accumulation of nutritional processes on the skin and cause negative effects.


          9.Can I use medical and aesthetic methods to repair sensitive skin?


          It can be used. At present, the most effective medical and aesthetic way to repair sensitive skin is to rebuild the skin barrier. Similar devices include diamond barrier reconstruction, etc., which can fundamentally improve sensitive skin.


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