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Causes of skin aging problems

2022-02-24 11:12:26

          Causes of loose skin?


          80% of the human skin is collagen, and generally after the age of 25, the human body will enter the peak period of collagen loss.And by age 40, the amount of collagen in the skin may be less than half of what it was at age 18.

          1.There are two proteins in the dermis of the skin:


          Collagen and elastin, which support the skin and make it plump and firm.After the age of 25, these two proteins are naturally reduced due to the aging process of the human body, causing the skin to lose elasticity;In the process of collagen loss, the collagen peptide bonds and elastic net that support the skin will be broken, resulting in the symptoms of oxidation, atrophy, and even collapse of the skin tissue, and the skin will become loose.


          2.The support of the skin is decreased.


          Fat and muscle are the biggest supporting force of the skin, and the loss of subcutaneous fat and muscle relaxation caused by various reasons such as human aging and lack of exercise cause the skin to lose support and sag;


          3.Other factors such as gravity, heredity, mental stress, exposure to sunlight and smoking also transform the skin structure, and finally make the skin lose its elasticity and cause relaxation.


          4.Skin aging is caused by both endogenous aging and exogenous aging. The aging process leads to the decline of skin structural integrity and physiological function.

Endogenous aging is mainly determined by genes, and it is irreversible and related to free radicals, glycosylation, endocrine and so on.


          After aging, the skin fat tissue is lost, the skin becomes thinner, and the synthesis rate of collagen and hyaluronic acid is lower than the rate of loss, which promotes atrophic skin loss of elasticity, sagging, and wrinkles.


          The main reason for exogenous aging is sunlight, and it is also related to smoking, environmental pollution, wrong skin care, gravity and so on.


          5.80% of facial aging is caused by sunlight. The damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin is a cumulative process, which is related to the frequency, duration, and intensity of exposure to sun exposure, as well as the protection of the skin by its own pigment.


          Although the skin is damaged by ultraviolet rays will activate the self-protection mechanism.Activates basal melanocytes to synthesize black in large quantities and transport them to the skin surface to absorb UV rays, reducing UV damage,however, some ultraviolet rays will still penetrate the dermis layer, destroy the collagen structure, cause the loss of hyaluronic acid, the contraction of elastic fibers, and generate a large number of free radicals, resulting in tanning, relaxation and dryness of the skin.


          Rough, deep muscle wrinkles. So sun protection is a must all year round.


          6.Skin aging is caused by the combined action of multiple factors. In terms of management, it is necessary to start with the skin condition and the cause of aging, and scientifically customize the management.

          Once genuine wrinkles are formed, it is difficult to remove them effectively with general skin care products. Most of them need to be managed with beauty equipment to act on the dermis to achieve wrinkle-removing effects, such as MTS mesoderm therapy, radio frequency, water light acupuncture, laser, fat filling, botulinum toxin, etc. Wait.


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