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Can photo rejuvenation rejuvenate people?

2022-08-26 15:14:22

          Many beauty seekers are excited by the “non-invasive, non-ablative” photo-rejuvenation surgery. So what is the effect of photo-rejuvenation, can people reproduce a youthful and healthy face? Does photo-rejuvenation make skin thinner?


          The so-called photon skin rejuvenation actually uses intense pulsed light commonly known as “photons” to improve the skin’s pigmentation and flushing problems, and at the same time improve the skin’s luster and texture. 

          IPL is the use of intense pulsed light to penetrate deep into the skin, selectively acting on the pigments and blood vessels in the skin, decomposing pigmentation spots and closing abnormal capillaries without damaging normal skin, so as to achieve the treatment of pigmentation spots. and telangiectasia effect. At the same time, the energy of intense pulsed light can also stimulate the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen and reorganize the original collagen tissue, so as to shrink pores and restore skin luster and elasticity.


          “The whole process of photorejuvenation is fast and simple, with only slight pain. If you do well with sunscreen, there is no seasonal restriction on the treatment.” Huang Lvping revealed that each treatment time of photorejuvenation is not long, only 20 minutes, and there is no need to take vacation after treatment. , so it is vividly called “lunch beauty”.The majority of beauty seekers, although the photorejuvenation treatment is completed, it will not affect normal life and work, but in the hot summer, after photorejuvenation, it is necessary to make adequate sun protection preparations, so as to obtain the whitening and rejuvenating effect. If the skin is exposed to the hot sun after photorejuvenation, the effect of whitening and rejuvenation will be lost.


          Although photonic technology can be used for cosmetic purposes, it also has strict indications. “The darkening of the skin after sun exposure is not suitable for photorejuvenation.” Huang Lvping pointed out that this is because, during photorejuvenation treatment, intense pulsed light hits the facial skin. If the skin color is newly tanned, it absorbs the light. The ability of the skin will be greatly enhanced, just as people feel particularly hot wearing dark clothes in summer, the skin can be easily burned.

          IPL does not simply peel off the stratum corneum of the skin, but through biological stimulation, the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis are regenerated and remodeled, so that the skin texture is refined and elasticity is restored. “Not only does the skin not get thinner after treatment, but it also thickens the dermis.”


          Skin care is not an overnight process, but a comprehensive process of daily care, reasonable diet, adequate sleep, and maintaining a happy mood.

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