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All the laser beauty knowledge you want to know is here, collect it! !

2023-04-15 13:21:21

          01、Photon rejuvenation


          The mechanism of photorejuvenation:


          Photo rejuvenation is actually intense pulsed light. It is a broad-spectrum light that covers a wide variety of target chromophores. Such as melanin, hemoglobin, water, etc. Through the target chromophore, it acts on various melanin, capillaries, etc. in the skin. to solve skin problems.



          IPL can break down pigment granules and abnormally dilated capillaries on the face. After photorejuvenation, you will find that the pigmentation on your face is lighter and the skin’s brightness is relatively improved.


          Photo Rejuvenation Treatment:


          Once every 3 to 4 weeks, 5 to 7 times as a course of treatment. After the course of treatment, it can be once every 2 to 3 months.


          Precautions after phototherapy:

          After photorejuvenation, stay hydrated and use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Avoid sun exposure.


          02、Laser hair removal

          Laser hair removal mechanism:


          Freezing point hair removal/photon hair removal is based on the principle of selective thermodynamics, releasing laser or intense pulsed light, penetrating the surface of the skin, and finally absorbed by the hair follicle, heating the hair follicle to produce a photothermal effect, thereby destroying the dermal papilla of the hair follicle. Therefore, it not only removes unwanted hair in a large area, but also protects the surrounding skin without damaging the skin and sweat glands.

          Hair removal cycle:


          The hair growth cycle is divided into three phases: growth phase, transition phase and telogen phase. Only hair in the growing phase can be removed by the laser.


          The number of hair removal is also related to the density, color and proportion of hair follicles in the non-growing phase of the hair removal area. Usually you can see the effect once or twice.


          Generally, the head and face are once every 4 to 6 weeks, 5 to 8 times in total;

          Trunk and limbs once every 6 to 8 weeks, a total of 3 to 6 times. The frequency of hair removal is related to whether the hair follicles grow vigorously. 


          After hair removal care:


          1.After epilation, there may be slight redness, skin sensitivity and a hot or itchy feeling at the epilation site. Ice packs can be used to relieve pain.


          2.Please avoid sun exposure after hair removal, and apply sunscreen lotion to the affected area according to the doctor’s instructions to reduce sun exposure.


          3.Be careful not to scald and scrub the depilatory area with hot water.

          03、Fractional laser


          Fractional laser mechanism:


          Fractional laser is a brand-new medical optical skin beauty concept. It changes the way of light emission. The action point of each pulsed laser emission is composed of hundreds of micro-laser pulses, and the area of each micro-laser spot is only tens of square nanometers. This is a minimally invasive treatment.

          With a fractional laser, a laser is used to make small holes evenly in the skin. Then a series of follow-up reactions are produced on the skin to achieve the effect of removing scars and pigmentation.



          1.Photoaging skin: The skin is dull and dull.


          2.Acne scars, surgical scars, trauma scars, post-burn scars.


          3.Pigmentation, chloasma.


          Precautions after fractional laser:


          1.There is a burning sensation after the dot matrix, which can be relieved by ice compress. The skin is slightly swollen and oozing the day after the dot matrix, so do not touch it with water. Anti-inflammatory ointment can be applied externally, and it will completely subside after four or five days.


          2.Avoid sun exposure for 1 month after fractionation.

          04、 black face doll


          Blackface doll mechanism:


          Blackface doll uses nanoscale toner as a medium. Utilize the characteristics of deep penetration of toner. After the toner particles enter the pores, they are bombarded with a laser. Thereby crushing the dirt and keratin of the epidermis.


          At the same time, the high heat energy generated by the toner is transmitted to the dermis layer after being irradiated by the laser to stimulate the repair of collagen fibers and elastic fibers.



          Rough skin with large pores.


          Blackface Doll Treatment:


          4 to 6 times as a course of treatment, once every 4 weeks.


          Precautions after black face doll:


          1.After using the black-faced doll, there will be short-term redness, swelling, fever and other reactions. If you need to apply a mask, it is recommended to consult a doctor. The mask absorbs heat, cools and hydrates.


          2.Avoid direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation after black-faced dolls.

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