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Acid brushing taboo people

2022-10-24 14:57:46

×Those who are sensitive or allergic to salicylic acid


×Those who have acute inflammation, dermatitis, or acute viral infection at the site of use


×Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding


×People who have recently undergone surgery and whose wounds have not healed


×People who have recently undergone laser, cryo, and microdermabrasion


×People with insufficient sun protection and sunburn


×People with unrealistic expectations


The process of brushing acid

❶ Communicate with your doctor before surgery. After examining and assessing the condition of the face, wash off facial oils and flakes with icy salt water. Then apply petroleum jelly to the inner and outer corners of the eyes, the corners of the mouth, and the depressions on the sides of the nose. Avoid irritation caused by causal skin buildup. Meanwhile, keep a small fan in hand to make your treatment more comfortable.


❷ Eye protection is required during use. The doctor will generally adjust the time according to factors such as the concentration of the peeling solution and the end-point reaction of the skin, and it will end in about 8 minutes.


❸ Ice compresses with gauze to relieve symptoms of itching, burning, and redness that may occur after surgery. Don’t panic if you get pimples after brushing the acid, this is normal.


After brushing with salicylic acid, what should I pay attention to?


There will be temporary crusting, redness and pain of varying degrees after treatment, which will gradually ease after 2-3 days.


The scab is a normal phenomenon, don’t pick it, it will fall off naturally within 5-10 days.


After the operation, you can wash your face normally, wash it with cold water, gently, and use a mild moisturizing product after washing your face.


Use sunscreen products 1 day after surgery to avoid skin exposure. Hard sun protection is very important.


Avoid phototherapy within 2 weeks after treatment, and suspend the use of skin care products containing fruit acid, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, and retinol.


Don’t avoid food.


The role of salicylic acid is very wide, whether it is in dermatology or in daily life, there are many situations where it can be used. Although not the first choice, but with multiple treatments, the effect can be very significant.

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