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808 diode laser machine maintenance and related precautions

2022-11-10 09:25:37

          1.After receiving the new machine, install the accessories of the machine according to the installation video.


          2.The emergency button on the front of the machine is turned on, and the button is kept up.


          3.Open the water tank of the machine, fill the water tank with water for the first time, and then turn on the machine. After turning on the machine, the water circulates in the machine. At this time, part of the water in the water tank is used up, and it is necessary to fill up the water for the second time at this time. Keep the water tank full all the time, and the added water should be distilled or deionized water. Change the water every 15-30 days.


          4.If the machine alarms during use:


          ! Pay attention to check whether the emergency stop button is in the pop-up state


          ! Check if the water tank is full


          5.The handle is aging during use: it may cause water leakage in the hand tool, just buy a new water pipe locally, replace the water pipe under the guidance of professional technicians, and it can be used normally after installation.


          6.If the screen is not sensitive during use:


          ! Check whether the switch of the hand tool and the switch of the foot pedal are stuck


          ! Check the cable connection of the screen (the solid copper pin (connector) in the connection port between the screen and the machine is removed and reconnected)


          7.If the light outlet of the handle is hot during use:

diode laser,laser hair removal,808nm diode laser,laser beauty machine,

          ! Check whether the water circulation is running normally (you can use a pen to push the water hole in the lower left of the machine plug-in port when the machine is turned on, if the water is sprayed out, there is no problem with the water circulation of the machine)


          ! Damaged cooling plate


          8.Water level alarm: check whether the water is full, check the water level sensor in the water tank, and gently wipe the water and stains of the sensor clean (remember to cut the water pipe before adding water to the machine, do not appear that the water pipe is closed)


          9.Abnormal noise from the machine: It may be that the water pipe in the machine is loose during transportation and touches the machine shell, or the water tank cover is not fixed properly, and the water tank cover needs to be tightened and fixed again.


          10.If the handle does not light up during operation: the handle buttons may be aged and need to be replaced with new ones.


          11.With a screen handle, the screen is not bright: it may be that the handle cable is loose, (we provide inspection video), just follow the video to check.


          12.Remember to check whether the plug head is connected well before use (otherwise it will affect the cooling of the machine and burn the laser.), the blue plug head buckle pops up.

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