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Effect and function of gold microneedle


        Gold microneedle radio frequency is also called gold radio frequency, which is a clever combination of microneedle and radio frequency. The word “gold” originates from the gold coating of the microneedle body, and the outer coating of the microneedle is also golden yellow. During treatment, the doctor adjusts the penetration depth and RF energy of the microneedles according to the problem and the treatment site. Then, under the control of the electronic system, dozens of insulated microneedles quickly penetrate the epidermis at the same time, and emit RF energy from the tips of the microneedles. Exit, and so on, until the treatment is completed, and finally apply the auxiliary treatment and recovery ingredients.


        The specially designed gold microneedles are quickly inserted into the skin, and the microneedles emit energy to precisely act on the target tissue under the condition of safety, generating a strong thermal effect, using this thermal energy to stimulate the production of skin fibrous tissue and collagen, so that the face can be seen from the inside from the inside. To the outside to achieve firming, shaping, wrinkle removal and other rejuvenating effects.Gold microneedling is a very effective skin care method, it can enter the deep pores of the skin, stimulate the regeneration of the skin, help to enhance the elasticity of the skin, increase the synthesis of collagen, lock the moisture of the skin, and make the skin more youthful and natural. The following is the relevant role of gold microneedling, I hope to help more people understand this method, in the process of skin maintenance, you can choose one more option to make the skin more beautiful.

Seven functions


1.Deodorant: Treat underarm odor and underarm hyperhidrosis.


2.Removal of wrinkles: abdominal (stretch marks), buttocks, leg swelling lines.


3.Wrinkle removal: remove crow’s feet, eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial wrinkles, neck wrinkles, etc.


4.Lifting: face rejuvenation, firming and lifting, showing youthfulness.


5.Acne treatment: It is especially effective in the treatment of active acne.


6.Scar removal: remove acne scars, acne pits, burn scars, etc.


7.Skin rejuvenation: Eliminate large pores, dull skin, and make the skin white and red.

Core advantages of gold microneedling


1.Good skin tightening effect


Multiple gold needles directly send radio frequency energy to the deep layer of the dermis through the epidermis, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, greatly reduce the loss of the outer layer, and enhance the firming effect from the deep layer of the skin, with good and long-lasting effect.


2.Less trauma and less side effects


Compared with ablative fractional laser and non-ablative fractional laser, gold microneedling has the advantages of better skin tightening effect and minimal trauma.


3.Transdermal drug delivery, the icing on the cake


When the microneedle is inserted into the treatment, there are many tiny pores on the skin, which can directly introduce repairing fluid, antioxidants and other medicines into the deep layers of the skin, which can further exert the effect of active ingredients and medicines, further repair the skin in depth, and achieve 1+ 1 > purpose of 2.


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